Cover 10,000 sqm.

Full Service Warehousing

We utilize two Warehouses/Container Station.

Warehouse for Air shipments and some small shipments is located near New York’s JFK International Airport. Warehouse where we handle large shipments, Boats, Vehicles ets, and load/unload containers is located in Roselle, NJ near NYC Port Terminals.
Warehouses are 24 Hour Video Monitored and Alarm secured.
Our service offers receiving shipments, transferring them to Airports or loading containers that are delivered to New York’s Port Terminals.
Also, we can receive shipment that arrived by Air or Sea, Customs Clear it, store it at in a warehouse and distribute according to our Customer’s instructions.
Shrinkwrapping and crating services available upon request.

General Information

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We ship anything from USA to Europe!

We provide Full Container shipping services (FCL) between any point in USA and any point in the rest of the world with majority of our traffic being to and from South Eastern Europe. We have expended our operation utilizing close to 80 agents worldwide.

about us

Why Choose Our Service Due to 25 years of experience and knowledge of laws, regulations and peoples/parties involved in shipping process by our staff we are confident to be ale to provide expert and high quality of service with the most competitive price advantage.

Management We are proud of our customers’ continuous support and are determined to preserve and enhance quality of our services. Our Rijeka, Croatia office located next to Rijeka Container Terminal, maintains experienced agents involved in shipping Import/Export, Customs Brokerage services and Port Terminal personnel that can supervise receiving/shipping, warehousing and loading unloading process in Import/Export and Transit through Port of Rijeka. Beside regular shipments we specializes in Oversized/Exceptional/Project Transports, Motor vehicles, Boats, Industrial machines, etc. that are delivered to, shipped out or transshipped through port of Rijeka.

  • Best Service GuaranteeWe have more 25 of experience in the logistics and transportation industry.
  • Smart WarehouseWe have more 25 of experience in the logistics and transportation industry.
  • 100% On TimeWe have more 25 of experience in the logistics and transportation industry.

We can be your great freight partner and help you ship all you need!