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  • Best Service GuaranteeWe have more 25 of experience in the logistics and transportation industry.
  • Safe WarehousingWe have more 25 of experience in the logistics and transportation industry.
  • 100% On TimeWe have more 25 of experience in the logistics and transportation industry.

Who are we?

Demars International, as a Full Service Freight Forwarding Company, was established in NYC, USA on March 1, 1990.To better serve growing needs of our Customers we have spread our activities adding Pinki Enterprises, Inc. in 2003. to separately handle Air Freight and Vehicle Transport and in 2012. Sail Container was born to handle growing Ocean Freight. We provide full range of services including but not limited to Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Overseas Transports of Boats, Yachts, Commercial and Personal Vehicles including Forestry, Agricultural and Industrial self propelled machines as well as Parcel Service, door delivery to overseas customers of Small Packages, Internet Purchases, Auto Parts and General Merchandise. 

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In more than 3 decades of our existence we have transported overseas more than 70.000 kgs of Air Freight and more than 12.000 TEU (Container Units) including close to 10,000 vehicles with majority of our shipments heading to Southern and Western Europe. We provide a Fast Weekly Container Service to Rotterdam, NL with Truck connection to destinations of interest to our Customers.
We provide a FCL (Full Container Service) by delivering empty Containers for loading to required address in Continental USA for loading bu Rail and/or Truck Service, deliver them back to Export US Port, Ship them to Overseas Port and again, deliver Container by Truck and/or Rail Service to the address of unloading.
For our Overseas Customers, we provide Collecting services for their multiple purchases, warehousing them, consolidating and shipping overseas by Air or Ocean according to our Customer’s Instruction.
If needed, our service includes receiving shipments from overseas, help with Import Customs Clearance, warehousing and distribution.
We are proud to have among our Customers all Diplomatic representative office of countries that became independent after break up of Yugoslavia and among others, such major companies as Nuklearna Elektrana Krsko/SL, INA/HR, Energoinvesr/BA, Institut Mihajlo Pupin,/RS, MakPetrol/MK and many others.

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Dean Dujmovic